Tevaera Karma Program Launch

6 min readApr 21, 2022

Karma is a Sanskrit word, which means “action, work or deed.” It refers to a cycle of cause-and-effect , often called the principle of karma, wherein the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

“Karma” is an integral part of our vision at Tevaera, which offers an opportunity to earn Karma points through your intent, actions and by participating in the beginning of a new digital civilization where everything is pure, trustless, and decentralized.

We are stoked to launch and share details of our much-awaited Karma program.


1.Tevaera Karma program is now live.

2. Refer your family and friends to earn Karma. Make sure they mint the citizen ID and follow us on Twitter | Discord | Telegram . The Karma reward for refer and follow is 4x for first 2 weeks and 2x for the next 4 weeks. Make it count : )

3. Play Teva Quest to earn Karma in real-time! The scoring system and existing game stats have been updated and reset for a fresh start.

4. Karma may be redeemed against $TEVA, our metaverse utility token in the future, if redemption conditions are met & with ratio TBD; used as entry fees for certain arcade games and to buy in-game assets & NFTs; used for leaderboard ranking & rewards; used to whitelist Tevans for community sales.

5. We want to sincerely thank early Tevans for their support, love and engagement with our first iteration of MVP. As a token of thanks, we will be rewarding the early Tevans with Karma for their engagement.

What is the Karma program?

It is Tevaera’s in-game and community engagement reward system that recognizes and incentivizes Tevans for their interaction with Tevaera. There are 3 ways to earn Karma:

1. Refer & follow to earn Karma (Active)

2. Play to earn Karma (Active)

Play our first community engagement game to earn and track Karma for each level. There will be more games coming in the near future, which will allow you to earn and spend karma.

3. Early Tevan Karma (closed)

4. Engage to earn Karma (Coming soon)

Why should I participate?

Karma will always be valuable in Tevaera ecosystem and will be used as a measure to recognize active Tevans. Some of the key benefits of Karma points are:

  1. Potential redemption against $TEVA, our metaverse utility token. The ratio of redemption is to be decided and will depend on the total number of participants and Karma earned.
  2. Entry fees for certain arcade games and to buy in-game assets & NFTs.
  3. Leaderboard ranking & rewards. “May” also be used to whitelist Tevans for community sales.
  4. Others TBD

How should I participate?

1. Refer & Follow to earn Karma (Active)

a.) Log in to Tevaera and click on the hamburger menu as shown below.

If you haven’t registered your citizen ID, please follow the steps in the following post:

b.) The menu will show you the option to refer, follow & earn.

Copy your referral link, example:, and share it with your family and friends. Ask them to click on the link to register on and mint their citizen ID. Once they mint their ID, they should see the following screen by clicking on the hamburger menu.

Make sure to follow Tevaera on Twitter | Discord | Telegram. This is an important step to ensure that the Karma program is not being abused by bots. We will double verify this during the Karma redemption to $TEVA process, so please make sure you and your referrals are following us on these 3 channels for realizing the benefits of Karma rewards. This is applicable to both existing and new Tevans.

2. Play to earn Karma (Active)

After you have minted your citizen ID, you are ready to play our first community engagement game, Teva Quest to earn Karma points. There are 15 levels in this Quest, where you need to collect the “T = Teva” coins after killing the enemies. The “T” coins are randomly assigned to enemies, so you won’t get a “T” coin for every kill. Also, the value of “T” coins has been reset and will increase based on the difficulty level of the game.

After you complete each level, your Karma points will be displayed for each level. If you decide to play this level again and score less than or equal to your existing Karma points, there will be no change in your Karma points. However, if you break your existing Karma score for that level, it will get updated with your highest score.

The total Karma points you can collect from Teva Quest is the sum of all your levels or the value of T coins collected across the levels. In the screenshot below as an example, you can see the player has earned 7(Level 1) + 20(Level 2) + 9 (Level 3) = 36 Karma points

Note: if you have already played Teva Quest before the official Karma program launch, you will get rewarded for early participation. Starting today, we will be resetting all the game stats for a fresh start using our updated scoring system.

We would like to acknowledge and thank web2 game developers (Deplw & BPG) for Teva Quest, which is allowing us to test our go to market strategies in terms of free to play game with Karma points incentives, introducing real fun games to web3 users and crypto integration as part of our MVP.

3. Early Tevan Karma (closed)

We want to sincerely thank early Tevans for their support, love and engagement with our first iteration of MVP. As a token of thanks, we will be rewarding the early Tevans with Karma points for their engagement.

When should I participate?

Now!!! Our Karma program is live, if you are reading this medium post. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us questions in our Discord channel.

Where can I track my Karma?

Your Karma points and breakdown of how you collected those Karma are now available on the main landing page and game page. Just click the Karma box to get the breakdown of your points. Currently, this data is being maintained off-chain for real-time updates. We will be moving this information on chain zkSync for immutability in the coming weeks.

What’s next?

That was a lot to unpack and we hope you find this information useful in your quest to become the Tevan with the highest Karma!!

Next steps in terms of the Karma program would be:

  1. Launch our Karma leaderboard for transparency and competition. You will be able to see the top Karma holders and your rank
  2. Launch Engage to earn Karma to reward meaningful discord participation and social media campaigns
  3. Move Karma points on-chain zkSync

There’s a lot of other exciting stuff happening in Tevaverse right now, but we will leave those updates for some other day. For now, let your intent and actions get recognized & rewarded for KARMA!

To learn more, please visit and connect with us on Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium |




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