Minting Tevaera Citizen ID NFT

5 min readApr 21, 2022

Tevaera Citizen ID is a unique & free to mint NFT that is currently live on zkSync 1.0 with limited capabilities. Currently, the Citizen ID lets you access our MVP and participate in our Karma program through “refer & follow to earn Karma” and “play to earn Karma” with “engage to earn Karma” launching soon.

The Citizen ID is your one-stop access to Tevaverse and will evolve over time to enable access to all our games, utility NFTs and metaverse in the future.

What do you need to mint the Citizen ID NFT ?

1.Digital Wallet — Metamask or Wallet Connect

2.Active zkSync (layer 2 network on ETH) account

3.~0.00015 ETH

Note: We will also cover the option on how to mint the Citizen ID when you don’t have an active zkSync account.

Fair warning, there will be a lot of screenshots in this post to make sure anyone (ELI5) can follow the minting process on zkSync. If you are an advanced web 3 user, you may not need to go through this post.

Option 1: Already have a funded and active zkSync account

Step 1: Enter in your browser and click on “play game”

Step 2: Choose between one of the following 2 options to sign up. For purpose of this post, we will use the Ethereum option.

Step 3: Connect your ETH wallet and sign in.

Step 4: Enter your email account as a one-time sign-up process. This will give you the flexibility to use your email or ETH wallet as a sign-in option in the future. You will not need your email to log in using ETH after this.

Step 5: Check your email for OTP. Remember to look in the spam, if you don’t see it in your inbox and mark the email as “not spam”

Step 6: Click on “continue to get Citizen ID”

Step 6: Connect your wallet again for verification and accessing your layer 2 zkSync account from Tevaera. We have made sure this process is seamless and you don’t have to leave your session to complete the minting process.

Step 7: Sign in to access your zkSync account.

Step 8: You will see the “Mint your Citizen ID”, if you have ETH balance in your zkSync account.

Step 8: Your ID should be minted instantly. You can choose to name your profile or do it from the hamburger menu later as you can see in the 2nd picture.

Just as a side note, you can always check your NFT transaction on Your Citizen ID is a combination of your referral + NFT ID.

You can also use the following Twitter post to watch the video on option1 (simple) minting flow.

Option 2: Need to fund the zkSync account

You will get the following message pop up if you don’t have ETH balance in the zkSync account. Again, for the convenience of our users, we have built in the option to fund & mint your zkSync account from Tevaera.

Please note that this can be an expensive process due to the ETH network gas fees to go from L1 to L2 as shown in the picture below. There are other bridges and direct exchange funding options for zkSync that are cheaper and faster. We will cover them in a separate medium post later this week.

If you still decide to proceed ahead with the funding, please wait for the transaction to get completed on Once the transaction is complete, you should be able to track it by connecting your wallet to zkSync account or on zkSync explorer.

Connect your wallet to zkSync using the following link and track the deposit in real-time. Once you get the checkmark for the deposit, its ready to be viewed on the explorer.

Enter your wallet address using the following link to track the confirmation. All these steps are optional. We are explaining these to our users so they understand how the transaction goes from L1 to L2 behind the scenes.

Follow the regular minting process, after the deposit is confirmed. You should automatically see the following screen to continue minting. Please refresh the page, if you don’t get this screen after the deposit is confirmed.

Complete your Citizen ID minting process.

In summary, choose one of the above options and follow the steps to mint your unique and free Citizen ID NFT. Happy minting : )

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