zkSync’s Mascot, Zeek is Live in Teva Run!

3 min readMar 11, 2024


zkSync’s mascot, Zeek, is making its grand debut in the Teva Run game to enhance Zeek’s CC0 status, inspiring limitless creativity in the ZK Nation, and fostering stronger engagement among zkSync NFT community gamers!

1. Eligibility Criteria

Must be a holder of one of the following native zkSync communities, more may be added over time: Hue NFT; zk Skulls; Moody Mights; zk Veggies; zk Pengz; Libertas Omnibus; Robot Farm; Doodies; zk Eagles; Tevaera Guardians.

2. Mint “Proof of Zeek” Badge

If eligible, mint a free “Proof of Zeek” badge, which grants the holder one of 8 randomly assigned color variations of Zeek, infusing the minting process with an element of surprise and thrill (only gas fees apply). This on-chain badge grants you access to play with Zeek in the Teva Run game and future Teva Games. Exciting, eh!?

“Proof of Zeek” Badge on zkSync

3. Play with Zeek

And there you have it — you’re ready to dive into an enhanced Teva Run experience with Zeek, bringing new and captivating content to your gameplay.

Start playing with Zeek now! Step by step process:

  1. Log in to: https://tevaera.com/
  2. Head over to dashboard page and click on “Mint” button in “Zeek is Live in Teva Run” section, see below:

3. If you hold one of the eligible zkSync NFTs in your wallet, you will be successfully able to mint your free “Proof of Zeek” badge on zkSync Era.

4. The “Mint” button will now change to “view details” after successful mint transaction. Click on view details to see your “Proof of Zeek” badge in Teva Market.

5. You are all set to play Teva Run with Zeek now. Go back to the dashboard tab to play Teva Run. The game will load with Zeek waiting for you in the lobby : ) note: you can currently play Teva Run on web and Android.

Watch out this cat is sneaky, might roll past you in the race or liquidate you with its super cool drone power up : )

That’s it folks! Thank you for your support and looking forward to your feedback on playing Teva Run with Zeek. Ending this article with a teaser to welcome Zeek to the Teva Run world of Guardians. Lets go!

Onwards with Zeek! 🫡




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