Our first post to share our thoughts about Metaverse and introduce Tevaera to the Web 3.0 crypto community. There is no correct answer to “what is a Metaverse?” but our answer as founders of Teveara is important for you to understand and connect with our vision for Tevaera. Let’s start this post with our first interaction with the dial-up Metaverse.

Two decades ago, Robin & I were teenagers, excited about the dial-up modem internet that had changed our world. We could finally use a “powerful” Intel 440ZX chipset, 400MHz CPU, and 128 Mb ram computer to connect to the world wide web. The internet connection worked intermittently, but when it did, we could send emails to each other, browse all kinds of things the world wide web had to offer, and even chat on a messenger app. Soon, the messenger became a way to connect with strangers on the internet in chat rooms. We made online friends in different parts of the world who would chat with us at a specific time and even follow us on Orkut to stay connected with our social lives. Our world had changed. We started spending more time on the internet while cutting down on our interaction and playtime in the physical world. We were told this is a short-lived addiction but…

This was just the beginning of a major transformation that would gradually change our physical world to digital world. A virtual world we call the Metaverse where we will value our digital life more than physical life.

As time progressed, many new technologies emerged that enabled interactive applications on different platforms such as web, desktop, mobile, etc., to facilitate a better digital experience. From banking to e-commerce, all the day-to-day contracts and transactions were being executed digitally. The records of these contracts and transactions protect businesses. They govern interactions and social actions among countries, communities, and individuals. And yet, there was no trustless way to manage these critical transactions until blockchain technology solved this problem. The public blockchain projects enabled an open, distributed ledger that could efficiently record transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way.

This was a game-changer and a critical piece of digital infrastructure to build the foundation of web 3.0. We weren’t dependent on governments and businesses to facilitate our transactions for economic and social systems.

We have spent the last five years in the cryptocurrency industry learning, advocating, investing, and participating in the advancement of blockchain technology and its applications. We are convinced that this industry will play a pivotal role in changing the current communist internet to a more democratic one. The internet is governed by its users, and the value extracted from usage and network effect is fairly distributed among the community members. This has been our key inspiration for Tevaera. So, what is Tevaera?

Tevaera is a gaming metaverse for its citizens, Tevans, to build a thriving community. Tevans grow with Tevaera while owning digital rights to NFTs, learning, earning, and competing in 3D games, AR/XR environments in a fun & interactive Metaverse.

Tevaera introduces all the foundations of a new democratic order of web 3.0 that’s inclusive and socially responsible. Tevans will lead the new world order as we build one nation using decentralized governance that sets the standard for a new world financial economy with verified citizens (Tevans), social connections, and educational Metaverse.

Ok, great, but what does the word “Tevaera” mean?

Teva is the Hebrew word for nature (Hebrew: טבע‎, “nature”), and era refers to the new world of digital cohabitation. Teva + Era = Teveara!

Sounds exciting! eh? Wait, there is more. We are building a simulation of this new digital world, which is inspired by Tevaera story. Check out the teaser storyline at tevaera.com and stay tuned for the background lore in a future article.

Tevaera world will enable people to play games, have fun, learn, socialize and show off their characters (NFTs). The tokenization of the platform will allow Tevans to seamlessly transact in a global and decentralized market and earn a living through gaming and virtual activities.

There is so much more we want to share, but for now, it’s time to wrap up this post with some final thoughts. We believe we are very close to the “everything goes digital era,” your friends, job, identity, assets, status, social interaction, learning etc. Bored apes will become the new status symbol for the digital world. If everyone hangs out online all the time, then your flexes need to be digital. Some early adopters of the digital world are already getting there but there is a large population of people that need to be onboarded to this world.

One thing we know for sure is that the transformation to the digital world is inevitable!

We have data suggesting that most of our waking hours are spent staring at screens, but users don’t have options to monetize their time right now. Screen time is on the rise across the world and shows no signs of slowing down. The same is true about the number of users being onboarded to the internet. We now have 4.66 billion people on the internet ready to explore and extract value from web 3.0 and digital transformation.

At Tevaera, we want to enable the infrastructure and simplify the onboarding process for the existing and next set of metaverse/web 3.0 users!

We would love to talk more about our vision and what we are building with Tevaera!

To learn more, please visit https://tevaera.com and connect with us on Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord |

Tevaera is a gaming metaverse for its citizens, Tevans, to build a thriving community. Join us on Discord: http://discord.gg/4kEFfGd9RU to learn & participate.

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Tevaera is a gaming metaverse for its citizens, Tevans, to build a thriving community. Join us on Discord: http://discord.gg/4kEFfGd9RU to learn & participate.

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